What your loved ones want to say...

In my Messages from Heaven events and private readings, I have witnessed countless transformational messages from the other side. Many people are seeking answers regarding their loved ones, some have questions about what they are doing now, and others have questions about the final moments of their life and everything in between.

With my process, I validate our loved ones in spirit by bringing forth all the evidence that spirit brings me. When I allow spirit to speak it can be anything from aspects of personality, appearance, special memories, family dynamics, and facts around their lives that only YOU would know. Often times, they also are standing there with other loved ones you didn’t intend on connecting with. The family pets that have passed, for another, is an added love bonus!

Messages from the other side after validating your loved one and speaking to you about how they are with you now have been all across the board! Your brother might bring up the fact you have been putting off replacing the roof and it is time to address it before it gets worse. Your mother may want you to know that, as she shows me her petting her golden, although her hands were severely arthritic and painful, she is free from all pain now. I’ve had loved ones who suffered from depression and mental illness thanking their mothers, sisters, and brothers for standing by them and loving them unconditionally. They want you to know how they are lining up the best of things to come your way and what that looks like! Most often they are so grateful you never stop talking to them, thinking of them, and keep their memory alive! They show me when and how you honor them. Most of all, when they are speaking to you and you are receptive so that you know that was REALLY them when you thought you were connecting with them!

I cannot possibly write out all of what the spirit world wants to say, but please know they are with you every moment in everyday. Their love is eternal and they will be there for you as you continue to journey through this life.

Hope Taylor is a Psychic Medium that hosts special events several times per year at Wild Ginger Apothecary. Here next event in Sarasota is Sunday June 23rd. You can learn more about Hope here.

Hope Taylor Psychic Medium

Tarot Tuesday with Ayla: April 23


Can you feel it? The energy today is creating a GIANT space for inner growth and awareness! Let's take a look at this week's cards.

Justice is a major arcana card, which right away tells us that this is a MAJOR theme we will be experiencing over the next week. Starting today we need to start taking accountability for our actions! This card is all about the choices we make and this week we might start to feel the pressure of past decisions, or future ones, starting to amplify. Focus your intention and let yourself move on from things you cannot change. Try not to judge the actions of others too harshly —we’re all going through major shifts right now!

Another big theme for this week comes to us in the form of The High Priestess reversed. Our divine guidance system might feel “out-of-order” this week as everyone is going to be interacting and reacting from an emotionally and spiritually vulnerable place! While turned on her head, she asks us to silence our minds and truly listen. Do your best not to partake in idle gossip and whispers —these are distractions from the messages trying to be presented. If obstacles and issues are popping up in your life right now, take a deep breath and ask yourself: what is this trying to teach me? Every struggle is a blessing in disguise.

Our final card is the Seven of Swords reversed. We all feel unworthy sometimes. Whether it be about material, emotional, or spiritual reality it can be hard to be real with ourselves in a loving way. Society has brainwashed us into extremes, not allowing room for mistake. This card is a reminder to not doubt yourself anymore and find that confidence, even if it’s only the beginning. The other message is focusing on inner deceit, is there something you are tricking yourself or others into believing? Don’t just think negative either!  You could be taking on too much, convincing yourself and others that you can get it done OR telling yourself that you CAN’T do it even though you CAN!

Ayla Murray is available for Tarot, Astrology and Psychic Readings at Wild Ginger Apothecary every Tuesday 10am-6pm, Wednesday 10am-1pm, Thursday 10am-2pm, Friday 10am-12pm, or by appointment. Learn more about Ayla here!

Are you seeking Spiritual Answers?

Greetings WGA Friends!

Are you seeking Spiritual Answers?

From AnnMarie Touchette, Spiritual Life Coach

ann marie 9-5-2016 020.jpg

Many of us right now, are going through some major shifts.
Changes are happening in our lives.
This is affecting every aspect through our mental, physical, emotional  & spiritual selves.

I am here to let you know, that this is all part of our transformation of consciousness, energizing us as we go into the 2020’s.

Now is the time to awaken and look within.
All of humanity is now going up the next level in our development.
We all volunteered and came to attend Earth School. Today many of us have become aware that we are “more” and science has validated this for us.

Every one of us is a Spiritual Being, and we were given these special gifts when we came into this dimension to be a Human Being.

We now know more about the AfterLife, we don’t die, we have graduated and returned “home”.
Everyone has an “inner gut feeling” this is our natural knowingness.  
It is our inner voice or Intuition.

You may be feeling challenged, right now.  I am here to assist you.

My name is Rev AnnMarie Touchette,I am a spiritual life coach and educator.
My life path /purpose is lead by our universal source, God, guides, etc.  
Through this spiritual guidance, I have recently relocated to Sarasota Florida, via Texas and New Orleans.

As a Life coach, I offer one on one coaching and I use numerology and the tarot cards as tools to connect to your highest energy. I will discuss with you about your past present giving you the possibilities for your future. I am here to better balance the events of your everyday life in a loving, positive and prosperous direction.  I use my sense of humor to brighten your day.

As a Medium I am also able to connect to the afterlife and give you information that validates your loved ones are indeed around and watching over you. I offer spirit galleries and table tipping séances.

For those seeking more information about Who you were, as a Hypnotherapist I offer Past Life Regressions sessions. I also offer classes on developing your natural intuition.

I am available at Wild Ginger Apothecary by appointment.

For questions comments or more information contact me at: 817-528-8841 / AnnMarieTouchette.com