Melissa Parks, Psychic Intuitive

Melissa is a powerful Intuitive Psychic, Channel Medium & Healer. Each person receives personal messages as well as many universal message to help one and all advance your expansion for the months ahead. 

Melissa is open to Divine Beings in the highest vibration of God’s LOVE, becoming a pure channel for a person’s Higher Self, Past Loved Ones, Archangels, Guides and the Universal Healing Force to bring forth powerful messages of Guidance & Powerful Healing on all levels.  Her Soul’s purpose is to help others find their Divine Light, live their Joy and spread their LOVE!  

Melissa is available for drop-in Psychic Intuitive readings or healings every Wednesday and Friday 12pm-5pm, most Saturdays from 12pm-3pm, and by appointment.   Families welcome!

Questions or to schedule an appointment: 941.266.9250.

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Angi Thai Yoga, Tarot

Angi is a MOGA and Thai Yoga Practitioner in Sarasota, Florida. She teaches various classes and workshops at WGA along the lines of self-empowerment and balance of the mind~body~spirit connection. Angi first began self-studying the Rider Waite tarot at 18 years old, mostly out of curiosity. It came natural to her and she began reading professionally in 2013 as a fun hobby, but after a near death experience in 2014 made her fully aware of just how accessible help from "the other side" is, she began to view reading the tarot more as a tool to really help others visually tune into their own intuition, and less about her needing the cards, as she could now hear spirit directly following her NDE. She teaches how to do this for yourself (without having to almost die in order to achieve it).

"When someone sits down with me for a reading, I put myself in the state of mind to listen fully as the client is connecting energetically with the cards. As I look at the selected cards, I begin to see a story appear as if each card is a word, and the many cards as a whole show the current chapter from their life. Sometimes it shows things from the past that are still affecting them now. Sometimes it will show how things will play out in the future on their current trajectory if no changes are made. This may be intimidating for some to "know the future" or even have someone else be able to see your past, in fact, some people say they are scared to have their cards read. The way I see it is, if you could make better decisions to improve your life, wouldn't you want to know? Wouldn't you want to know if something from the past is showing up in your energy field? And most importantly, don't you want to manifest the things that will make you truly as happy as you can be in this lifetime?

Tarot readings do not make things happen as if the cards themselves are magical, you are not victim to anything a psychic says during a reading, and nothing is set in stone. My reading is merely a snapshot in time to help you spiritually assess your life and get on your best path. Sometimes people come get a reading and everything looks great, I call those readings "tune ups" as spirit will usually give them an energetic pat on the back and a little spiritual homework. Other times people really need a reading but they resist and resist until something happens in their life that makes them have to decide it's time to check in. In our current society, improving spiritual gifts isn't high on everyone's priority list, so the key is finding a spiritual mentor that has done the work and can help you accelerate on your journey in the most efficient and ideal way possible. I suggest getting a reading every 3 months or whenever something major changes or needs to change in your life."

Angi specializes in tarot, oracle, channeling, dream-work (lucid dreams and astral projection, out of body experiences such as NDE's), mediumship, past and future lives, akashic records. spiritual and energetic healing, and helping others develop their connection with their spirit guides and other spirit based helpers. Angi is an ordained minister and is mostly a student of self-study, although has taken formal training in various spiritual fields, and is currently authoring books on some of these topics with the assistance of her spirit team.

Angi is available by appointment.

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 Jillian louis psychic clairaudient tarot reader

Jillian Louis, Psychic / Clairaudient / Tarot

Jillian has four decades of professional psychic, clairaudient experience. Her clients span 3 continents. Readings are direct and accurate. A fan of the arts, she uses tarot cards as a jump off point because they are "quite pretty". She is a practitioner of "Crazy Wisdom" and believes that smiles are the light of the soul. 

Jillian is available for drop-in Psychic Readings every Tuesday from 10am-3pm, Thursday 10am-2pm, and by appointment.  She will also be reading at The Bazaar on Apricot & Lime every Friday from 9am-2pm.

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Michael Miller, Tarot

Michael Miller is a Tarot reader and instructor in Sarasota, FL, reading at events and for individuals by appointment or drop-in. Currently designing his own Tarot deck and enjoying instructing others on the rich symbolism in the cards, you can learn from Michael the history of the Tarot and the structure and many uses of this popular divination tool.

Michael is available for Tarot Readings Thursdays 2-5pm and by appointment.

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Ayla Murray, Tarot / Astrology / Psychic

Ayla has always been tuned into energies and messages from Spirit & Source since a young age. She now offers tarot and astrology readings to help others on their path to self discovery and overall wellness.

Each tarot session will begin with setting intention for the reading. Come with a question or simply sit down for a general reading to see what Divine guidance is waiting for you. Any area of your life can come up in a reading and you can ask questions pertaining to any subject to gain further clarity, whether it be emotional, physical, or spiritual. Your highest purpose is drawn down from Spirit, with Ayla being able to also focus on past life karma & information, as well future dates & times to keep in mind.

Ayla is available for drop-in Readings every Tuesday 3-5pm, Wednesday 10am-12pm, and by appointment.  She will also be reading at The Bazaar on Apricot & Lime every Thursday and Saturday from 9am-2pm.  Ayla offers monthly astrology classes at WGA

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Suzanne Gerber, Astrology

Intuitive astrologer and energy healer Suzanne Gerber has been called “eerily accurate,” “insightful and transformational” and a “soul tuner.” By working with your birth chart and tuning into your energy field, she channels remarkably specific information about work, love, relationships, money, home, travel, health, life
purpose and whatever else you’re curious about. As a “spiritual life coach,” Suzanne has helped thousands of people gain greater understanding of their talents, challenges and destiny over the past 33 years. A reading can provide insight, guidance and confirmation or help you navigate current roadblocks. But sometimes talking isn’t enough, and that’s where her training as a shamanic practitioner and Reiki/energy healer comes in. After she’s read your chart, Suzanne can cleanse and rebalance your chakras, locate and remove energetic blocks and cords, and perform traditional shamanic healings, like Illumination and Soul Retrieval. 

Suzanne is available for Astrology Readings most Fridays from 12-3pm, and by appointment.  Her Astrology readings are $50 per half hour or $100 per full hour; knowing your birth time is ideal.

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