melissa parks psychic

Melissa Parks, Psychic Intuitive

Melissa is a powerful Intuitive Psychic, Channel Medium & Healer.

Melissa is open to Divine Beings in the highest vibration of God’s LOVE, becoming a pure channel for a person’s Higher Self, Past Loved Ones, Archangels, Guides and the Universal Healing Force to bring forth powerful messages of Guidance & Powerful Healing on all levels.  Her Soul’s purpose is to help others find their Divine Light, live their Joy and spread their LOVE!  

Melissa is available for drop-in Psychic Intuitive readings or healings every Wednesday and Friday 12pm-6pm, most Saturdays from 12pm-4pm, and by appointment.   Families welcome!

Questions or to schedule an appointment: 941.266.9250.


Ayla Murray, Tarot / Astrology / Psychic

Ayla has always been tuned into energies and messages from Spirit & Source since a young age. She now offers tarot and astrology readings to help others on their path to self discovery and overall wellness.

Each tarot session will begin with setting intention for the reading. Come with a question or simply sit down for a general reading to see what Divine guidance is waiting for you. Any area of your life can come up in a reading and you can ask questions pertaining to any subject to gain further clarity, whether it be emotional, physical, or spiritual. Your highest purpose is drawn down from Spirit, with Ayla being able to also focus on past life karma & information, as well future dates & times to keep in mind.

Ayla is available for drop-in Tarot Readings every Monday 10am-2pm, Tuesday 10am-6pm, Wednesday 10am-12pm, Thursday 10am-2pm, and by appointment. Ayla frequently offers monthly astrology classes at WGA.

Past Life Regression readings are suggested at 30 minutes ($40) or more, depending on the issues you’re seeking to resolve and what energy you choose to connect with.

Full Astrology Natal Charts are also available, at $80 for a one hour session. Please know your birth time and schedule an appointment to ensure availability.

Questions or to schedule an appointment: or 941.685.1706.

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Michael Miller, Tarot

Michael Miller is a Tarot reader and instructor in Sarasota, FL, reading at events and for individuals by appointment or drop-in. Currently designing his own Tarot deck and enjoying instructing others on the rich symbolism in the cards, you can learn from Michael the history of the Tarot and the structure and many uses of this popular divination tool.

Michael is available for Tarot Readings Monday and Thursday from 2-6pm, and by appointment.

Questions or to schedule an appointment:


Suzanne Gerber, Astrology

Intuitive astrologer and energy healer Suzanne Gerber has been called “eerily accurate,” “insightful and transformational” and a “soul tuner.” By working with your birth chart and tuning into your energy field, she channels remarkably specific information about work, love, relationships, money, home, travel, health, life
purpose and whatever else you’re curious about. As a “spiritual life coach,” Suzanne has helped thousands of people gain greater understanding of their talents, challenges and destiny over the past 33 years. A reading can provide insight, guidance and confirmation or help you navigate current roadblocks. But sometimes talking isn’t enough, and that’s where her training as a shamanic practitioner and Reiki/energy healer comes in. After she’s read your chart, Suzanne can cleanse and rebalance your chakras, locate and remove energetic blocks and cords, and perform traditional shamanic healings, like Illumination and Soul Retrieval. 

Suzanne is available for Astrology Readings Fridays 12-5pm and by appointment.  Her Astrology readings are $50 per half hour or $100 per full hour; knowing your birth time is ideal.

Questions or to schedule an appointment:

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Ed Russell, Healer and Intuitive

Working with your guides and your higher self, he has the ability to connect to support you with questions or issues you may need clarity on.  Offering modalities such as Reiki, Sound Healing, Oracle Cards, and Intuitive guidance, Ed will cater each session to your needs.

Ed Russell has played musical instruments since childhood. Beginning in 2009, his love of sound carried him to work with singing bowls and gongs. Because of his studies in energy practices and as a Reiki master, he is attuned to subtle energies and sound frequencies. Playing from the heart and with intention is the foundation of his work. His sessions prove particularly beneficial in allowing people to respond to their own inner rhythms. Other healing modalities he has been trained on include "Reconnective Healing" with Eric Pearl, "Matrix Energetic" with Richard Barrett, "Flower of Life" Workshop with Dr. Richard LeBeau PhD, and more.

Ed is available for drop-in sound healing at special events and by appointment.  You can reach him at:


AnnMarie Touchette, Psychic Medium

AnnMarie is a new resident to Sarasota, previously from New Orleans. She has seen and felt the presence of spiritual beings all her life. AnnMarie Touchette is an internationally recognized evidential and physical medium, certified paranormal investigator, minister, hypnotherapist, and facilitator of spiritual journeys. 

AnnMarie is available by appointment and several pop-up dates each month.  Questions or to schedule: or 817.528.8841.

hope taylor psychic medium

Hope Taylor, Psychic Medium

Hope's readings are focused on healing and empowerment. As a medium, she is able to connect to your loved ones, guides and angels. Through clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience she can address any topic that you need clarity around.

Hope is available for Message Galleries every few months at WGA.  She offers private remote sessions by appointment.  Contact her at to schedule.