Sweet Dreams: Nighty Night Pillow Mist + Dream Pillows


Lack of deep sleep: likely the biggest cause of stress and anxiety in my customers.  And let's be honest, it's my biggest cause of stress and anxiety somedays too!  I've tried all sorts of vitamins and supplements (and had good, bad, and horrible results) - but there had to be a less invasive way for regular use.  We're all over the sleep-remedy hangover, or better yet, sleeping through our alarms.

The first to arrive to Wild Ginger Apothecary was BotanicalMe Nighty Night Pillow Mist.  It's not just the usual lavender: this dreamy, relaxing blend has 20 essential oils that work as a calming sedative.  Notes of Valerian (in the first pleasant combo I'd encountered), Chamomile, and Ylang-Ylang leave your pillows, sheets, and entire bedroom with a heavenly aroma that really does calm you the heck down.  In minutes you're more relaxed, and you'll soon look forward to this bedroom ritual just like I do.  Spray throughout your home anytime you need to chill out. (Try with your kids, if you have them, parents swear by this stuff!)

Sprays or aromatherapy not your thing?  Not a lavender fan (in any combination)?  There's another secret weapon... Long Creek Herb's Sleep Pillow.  It's a tiny pillow you slide into your existing pillowcase, and as crazy at it sounds, works like magic.  

I was a skeptic, so I put my friend with the worst sleeping challenges I'd ever seen to the test.  And just like that, they slept better than in 10 years.  Another friend and customer's four year old is able to sleep through the night for the first time ever... and if the pillow is missing, they notice a huge difference.  Pro parent tip:  keep an extra one handy.  No placebo effect here: the creator swears by "hiding" these miniature pillows for your sleep deprived loved ones.  (These "magic pillows" are particularly helpful with easing nightmares, for sufferers of PTSD, and to quiet stressful sleep.)

Note: the "Restful" pillow is for a quiet calm sleep.  There is also a "Pleasant" pillow to enhance dreams and help you dream in color.  If you're lucky enough to sleep easy already, the latter can still apply to you!

Sweet dreams!


Available online at www.wildgingerapothecary.com or in-store at 6557 Superior Avenue in the Gulf Gate Shopping Village.  Feel free to email or call anytime at 941.312.5630.  ENJOY!