Get dirty to get clean: tooth powder hits the spot.

Sometimes you have to get dirty to get clean.  (Think face masks, body scrubs, the previous post on mud hair wash...)  Getting hooked on Holistic Heights Tooth Powder - or "tooth dirt" as I lovingly describe it - is a prime example. 

Who knew it was so hard to find a completely clean toothpaste that was more than just baking soda or coconut oil?  I even read blogs about using activated charcoal to whiten (with a mouthful of black powder) and that didn't fit into my daily routine.   I searched high and low, and even the "nontoxic" options had fillers like glycerin.  Less is more in natural beauty, so this Tooth Powder hit the spot. It indeed whitens, while giving you the cleanest, freshest mouth ever.

Your basic oral care needs are met: tartar and plaque fighting, less bacteria, no more bad breath, healthier gums.  But using a holistic, Ayurvedic blend of medicinal herbs - like Neem, Myrrh, and Clove - takes it even further by healing at the same time.  My life-long teeth sensitivity has decreased to almost nothing, my teeth feel cleaner than I could have imagined, and the "tooth dirt" has become a novelty among roommates and houseguests.  Together with oil-pulling, my teeth have never been happier.

This remains my favorite item to sample to customers at Wild Ginger Apothecary - try it once, and you'll never go back to the tube of toothpaste!

Available online at or in-store at 6557 Superior Avenue in the Gulf Gate Shopping Village.  Store hours are 10am-6pm, Tuesday-Saturday.  Feel free to email or call anytime at 941.312.5630.  ENJOY!