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Denise Clair,  Voyager Tarot + Astrology


Denise has been a self-taught Astrology Adviser for 50 plus years, and is a certified Voyager Tarot Reader and Life Coach, trained by James Wanless. She has a Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts, and is a Reiki Master. As a lifelong artist, writer and spiritual seeker, she enjoys facilitating people’s explorations of the Meaning of Life using astrology, tarot, art, conversation, movement and music. She instructs and advises people of all ages; her teaching style is relaxed, sincere, upbeat & friendly! Denise offers Voyager Tarot & Astrology Intuitive Readings, Counseling, and Classes.

Denise is available for drop-in Voyager Tarot + Astrology readings every Tuesday 3:30pm-5pm and Thursday from 12pm-3pm.

Questions or to schedule an appointment: deniseclairdreams@gmail.com


Melissa Parks, Psychic Intuitive

Melissa is a powerful Intuitive Psychic, Channel Medium & Healer. Each person receives personal messages as well as many universal message to help one and all advance your expansion for the months ahead. 

Melissa is open to Divine Beings in the highest vibration of God’s LOVE, becoming a pure channel for a person’s Higher Self, Past Loved Ones, Archangels, Guides and the Universal Healing Force to bring forth powerful messages of Guidance & Powerful Healing on all levels.  Her Soul’s purpose is to help others find their Divine Light, live their Joy and spread their LOVE!  

Melissa is available for drop-in Psychic Intuitive readings every Wednesday and Friday from 12pm-3pm, and by appointment. 

Questions or to schedule an appointment: 941.266.9250.

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Angi Mazzone, Tarot

Angi is a MOGA and Thai Yoga Practitioner in Sarasota, Florida. Her classes provide optimum energetic balance by introducing a blend of hatha yoga, intuitive movement, meditation, breathwork, tai chi, qigong, and bodywork. Her sessions include elements of thai yoga massage, energy healing, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, and spiritual empowerment. She is a Full Blessed Member of Oklevueha Native American Church of SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies® and an Ordained Minister through Be the Light Metaphysical Church.

Angi is available by appointment. 

Questions or to schedule an appointment: angi.thai.yoga@gmail.com