Meet the friendly faces of our amazing team!


Nicole Leffler, Wild Ginger Apothecary Owner + Desire Map Facilitator

I am the owner and wellness junkie at Wild Ginger Apothecary.  With almost 15 years of wellness experience, including tenure with national retailers, I value the importance of continual education in the natural and holistic industry (personally and professionally).  I have been everything from a licensed builder to a business consultant to a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and I use all those experiences in my practice and business today.

I am a soul searcher, explorer, foodie, puppy lover, water baby, and Desire Map Facilitator.   Originally an Ann Arbor, Michigan native, I have had roots to the Sarasota community since birth.  I'm happy to bring the health + wellness community together with all that Wild Ginger Apothecary has to offer and look forward to meeting each of you!


Paige Charron, Apothecary Staff + Yoga Instructor

I believe that peace comes from within and that yoga has the potential to unlock any door. Natural Health has made a huge influence in my life: in essence, the door frame. It holds the door in place so when the time comes it can be closed or opened. The door knob can be recognized as potential. Even when a little wobbly it can be fine tuned to get the job done. The design or type of door is life. Whatever the design of our life, make your door strong and beautiful. Allow yoga to be the frame of your beautiful life. One smart choice leads to the next!

Born and raised in Sarasota, my yoga journey started in high school. Guiding others to live a healthy lifestyle has been my calling since I can remember. In Spring of 2015, I graduated with a Health Science degree from University of North Florida. About a year later I took the leap to Peru to get my yoga teacher certification, with intentions to share the values of yoga with as many people as possible. Come join me build my frame stronger. You can find me working and teaching at Wild Ginger Apothecary.  I  look forward to gaining experience and learning from the community at WGA!

Adina - belly dance profile.jpg

Adina Leonard, Belly Dancing Instructor

Dr. Adina Leonard is a licensed pharmacist as well as a wife, mama, belly dancer, certified holistic health coach, TFT practitioner, AromaTouch specialist, and more.  She has stepped out of the traditional pharmacy role and into the practice of Lifestyle Pharmacy, a term she created for the work she does guiding others to feel good and enjoy the feeling of being alive.  Adina is passionate about helping women, as well as men, get in touch with their feminine energy and balance it with masculine energy in order to live a healthy, vibrant life.  She believes that appreciation of life is a fabulous way to generate and to keep the good feelings flowing.  From this good feeling place everything is possible.   

“Through the births of my two daughters and being a mama, through pharmacy school and several certifications in areas of high interest, through meeting the love of my life, through in-depth study of human potential, I discovered my true essence.  Through it all I danced, and allowed the dance to transform me.”  Adina


Angie Matthews, Yoga Instructor

I am a huge advocate of Yoga being accessible and adaptable to all walks of life. I taught my first class 7 years ago, while volunteering at a CSA farm. Our teacher could not make it and there was a group of us waiting to practice under the star fruit trees. One of the other students suggested that I teach the class because “ you look like you know what you are doing”. So I did. And from there, the seed was planted…

From designing athletic apparel to a health-based lifestyle, my entire world revolves around fitness. So it was a major personal feat to complete my RYT 200 certification at Heartwood Yoga. I hope to share the benefits of a regular practice and show just how yoga can help take the edge off the daily grind.

angi thai yoga.png

Angi Mazzone, Thai Chi + Yoga Instructor

Angi is a MOGA and Thai Yoga Practitioner in Sarasota, Florida. Her classes provide optimum energetic balance by introducing a blend of hatha yoga, intuitive movement, meditation, breathwork, tai chi, qigong, and bodywork. Her sessions include elements of thai yoga massage, energy healing, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, and spiritual empowerment. She is a Full Blessed Member of Oklevueha Native American Church of SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies® and an Ordained Minister through Be the Light Metaphysical Church.

Full thai yoga massage sessions are available daily!


Jessica DiLorenzo, Yoga Instructor

Jess offers yoga with a bright open heart and playful spirit. Her mission is to empower students of all ages, drawing out the unique gifts and luminosity that already exist in each of our hearts. Her journey as a yoga teacher began in her elementary classroom, where she discovered the power of three part breath and sun salutations as tools to ground and settle students’ anxiety. When she discovered adults, like children, also thrive when they feel empowered and free to take risks in a safe and loving environment, she answered the calling to teach them too! 

Jessica was trained in alignment based, therapeutic, heart centered Hatha yoga at Dig Yoga, Lambertville. Her beloved teachers, Sue Elkind, Naime Jezzeny, Mariel Freeman, and Kilkenny Tremblay provided a plethora of experiences that landed Jess right smack in the center of her heart. Yoga has taught her that you already have everything you need to manifest anything you have ever dreamed of! She is honored to share her joy and enthusiasm for this practice with the Wild Ginger community and beyond. Follow her creative endeavors at Trikona Designs!


Kelly Tynes, Yoga Instructor

Kelly Tynes RYT CMT, is a certified recreational therapist, massage therapist and yoga instructor. Kelly’s teaching is inspired by the Anusara style. Her teaching style is unique in that she incorporates all knowledge of her past therapies to aid the students in their personal growth. She shares with her students a benefit of learning how to live in the present moment; it truly is a gift.


Maggie Hughes, Pilates Instructor

Born and raised on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Maggie thoroughly embraces the coastal lifestyle. Whether paddle boarding, shell collecting or just hanging by the beach her focus is never far from environmental sustainability and the iconic Suncoast culture.

Maggie brings ten years of Pilates experience to the Wild Ginger team and hopes to further share her passion for mindful movement. When she is not out on the town, you can find Maggie spending time with her two rescue hounds, Juniper and Tate.


Rebecca Holahan, Nia Instructor

Rebecca is a Brown Belt Nia Instructor, a blend of the Dance, Healing and Martial Arts. Its philosophy is, “Through movement, we find health.”

Rebecca is a Dance and Drama Teacher at the Venice Theatre, through Venice Boys and Girls Club.  She is also the Director of the Loveland Players {put on by the Loveland Center for Developmentally Challenged Adults in Venice, Florida}. For twenty-two years, The Loveland Players perform annually at Venice Theatre.   The Loveland Players have performed internationally in the AACT World Festivals.

As an actor, Rebecca has been creative in the Arts for over 30 years.  She strives inspire her students and actors to discover their unique gifts and talents.  Recent productions include Metamorphosis, Becky’s New Car, Always Patsy Cline, Nickel and Dimed, and Rabbit Hole.