Social Media

Social Media tutorial how to maketing class with Keisha Nichole at Wild Ginger Apothecary in Sarasota Florida for entrepreneurs small businesses yoga teachers.

As it is in math we are taking Social Media and multiplying it by itself. Why? Because I know what you are struggling with=time, know how. So when you do have the time to work on promotion your business you want to do so efficiently and effectively. 

Learning opportunities in this workshop:

*ANALYTICS-What is working? and What is Not?
*COLLECTIVE SOCIAL-ISMS-Impactful Marketing as a team.
*THE EASY 3-Effective, Efficient, Extraordinary Posting

Bring a notebook, writing utensil, your thinking cap, + mobile device!

Cost is $45. 

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**Special Pricing is available. Please speak with Keisha directly if you are interested.**

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