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Strengthening Relationships: Understanding the Opposite Sex

How would your life be if you had a deeper understanding of the other sex, and had more tools to create even greater relationships? 

This powerful event is an opportunity for men and women to understand each other better: each other's fears, frustrations, limiting beliefs about the other sex, each other’s desires, passions, strengths, and each other’s unique ways of connection.

It’s a sacred space for women to express themselves about how it feels and what it means to be a woman in today's society, while being witnessed by men. Through compassionate heartfelt witnessing and listening, the men can learn what women desire in their lives and relationships.

After the women share, men get their opportunity to express themselves about how it feels and what it means to be a man in today's society, while being witnessed by women. Here women can learn what men desire in their life and relationships through their heartfelt witnessing and listening.

This is a powerful, sacred, safe, and judgement-free zone to learn from each other.

A true eye-opener to learn deeply from the other side, allowing us to bring even more consciousness into our interactions with other people in our lives.

Women learn even more about men in all realms;
men learn even more about women in all realms.

How will your relationships be when you truly understand the other side?

Blissful, Joyful, Safe, Exciting, Delicious, Harmonious and Beyond!

Open to all sexual orientations, and over the age of 16.

Bring yoga mat and cushion.

Ticket $20pp ~ Couples $30 : Pay through PayPal at

About Facilitator: 

Lucia Gabriela helps individuals and couples to master their sensuality, sexuality, and relationships with themselves and others. She works with individuals whose journey is to free themselves from emotional and sexual traumas, and helps them to reclaim their creative power, body, voice, sensuality and sexuality. 

Her passion is to create safe and sacred space for women and men to deeply explore many aspects of themselves, heal their inner child, embrace their shadows, connect with their higher self, and reconnect with their body's wisdom.

She helps people to create their lives as evolved sensual beings who align with their empowered feminine and masculine energy. By being in harmony with these energies, they manifest and attract what they truly desire in their lives: love, conscious partnerships, wealth, health, career, and life purpose

To learn more about Lucia Gabriela visit

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