Moksha Magick for Individuals

Freedom through Divine Empowerment in Personal Growth

Moksha Magick for Individuals, 
with the Guru of Moksha, Guru Aum Jah

• Empowering yourself in Soulful Intimacy with Your True Self
• Conscious Self-Sacred Sexuality
• Magickal Manifestation
• Divine Connection
• THE most important Individual Training you shall ever undertake. 

Much like a prelude to loving others through learning to love yourself first, Moksha Magick for Individuals takes you to Moksha of the Self, a place of embodying the Divine within. The ultimate Divine manifestation is in unification with yourself and the Universal Divine by any name. It affords you the ultimate starting point to embody a life of choice.

Moksha Magick for Individuals brings you to experience Acceptance of your personal flesh and body as a Divine expression of you; it opens you up to real Appreciation of your physical being. It affords you the opportunity to love yourself as no one else can. Your become your own healer. 

• Self-acceptance
• Self-empowerment
• Self-healing
• Higher Creativity
• Sacredness in your sexuality
• A sense of Mastery over life
• Finding your True Self
• Embodying your True Self


Guru Aum Jah:

Experiential Metaphysical Practitioner, Oneness Deeksha Giver, Flowering Heart Blessing Giver, Minister, Author, Spiritual Healer, and Trainer in the fields of: Reiki, Sacred Sexuality and Moksha, Energy Work, the Chakras, and Soulful Intimacy.