Moksha Magick for Couples


Connection through Expression in Sharing as One

Moksha Magick for Couples, 
with the Guru of Moksha, Guru Aum Jah

• Empowerment through Soulful Intimacy in Partnerships.
• Conscious Sacred Sexuality
• Magickal Manifestation
• Heartfelt Connection
• The most important Training you can share as a Couple. 

Moksha Magick for Couples takes your partnership to a deeper level of bonding through experiencing the Divine within each participant and sharing that union in Oneness. It expresses in your partnership sexually and emotionally toward creating a life desired by both. 

We include experiential exercises as part of an Awakening that brings participants to a space of sharing that Divine space. That sharing of Divine Essence we know as Love. Through our Ritual training, you have the opportunity to create an unrivaled partnership bond manifesting self-expression in Trust and Acceptance. 


• Self-acceptance - Partnership acceptance
• Self-empowerment for each participant
• Joint healing
• Higher Creativity
• Sacredness in your shared sexuality
• A sense of Mastery over your lives
• A sense of Mastery over your sharing
• Finding your True Selves
• Embodying your True Selves
• Seeing your True Selves - the Deepest Intimacy you can achieve


Guru Aum Jah:

Experiential Metaphysical Practitioner, Oneness Deeksha Giver, Flowering Heart Blessing Giver, Minister, Author, Spiritual Healer, and Trainer in the fields of: Reiki, Sacred Sexuality and Moksha, Energy Work, the Chakras, and Soulful Intimacy.