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Astral Travel / OBE Workshop

Join Angi for a Workshop on how to Astral Travel and have OBEs {out of body experiences} at Wild Ginger Apothecary: Studio + Lounge.

Have you realized you were dreaming and maybe were able to control the dream?
Have you had flying dreams?
Have you felt yourself leave your body at night and then go explore?

Most can vividly recall at least one of these experiences at some point in their life. Would you like to know how to to do this on purpose?

Angi will teach all this and more!

Angi has been working with her dreams naturally since she was a child. The techniques she provides were discovered through her experience, lots of practice, and by receiving personalized divine assistance. She will teach how to access this assistance for yourself. 

Angi will explain what the astral dimension is and is not and how it works differently than earth dimension, as well as other some other dimensions besides the astral.

She will also explain the different levels of lucidity in the astral and how to gain more awareness during your travels. 

Most importantly, Angi will cover why you would want to know all this and how to best apply it to your life specifically. 

Also covered:
- How to self interpret your own dreams. How to better recall your dreams.
- How to get lucid in a dream. What to do once you get lucid.
- How to go from lucid to astral. 
- How to have a controlled out of body experience.
- Downloads/transmissions, guides/angels, training/mission, channeling, and more..

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This training will give you the keys, but you have to unlock the door. Angi provides lots and lots of valuable information to set you up for success. You will have to apply the tips and techniques given to see results.

Suggested donation: $20 per person, or $30 for two attendees.

** Class will follow Angi's 7pm Restorative Thai Yoga. Feel free to come for both!

For more info, follow her at: Angi's MOGA & SomaVeda Thai Yoga.