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Adoration Circle: A Soul's Journey

Adoration is a feeling of profound love and admiration.

Imagine living your life from a place of self adoration while the eyes of another person mirror this profound love? 

Seeing yourself and all aspects of you during eye gazing with another powerful being, sparks profound healing in many realms.

This practice is humbling, healing, liberating, transformational, and alchemical.

This sacred and safe co-ed circle creates an opportunity to dive deeper into your self-admiration while connecting profoundly with other human beings who are there to witness you in your wholeness and fullest potential.

Something magical happens during this event; we experience seeing ourselves through the eyes of others in such gratitude and joy.

A powerful circle where we shed many emotional and energetic layers that are holding us back from connecting with ourselves and others, and from creating powerful relationships in our life. 

How will your relationships be when you learn to fully adore yourself through your partner’s eyes? 

Delicious, magnificent, joyful, playful, meaningful, and delightful!

Adoration Circle is a transformational event to connect with your true essence while others witness you in adoration and sacredness.

Bring Yoga Mats, Cushions, and a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

Ticket: $20 per person ~ couples $30

Facilitated by Lucia Gabriela:

Lucia Gabriela helps individuals and couples to master their sensuality, sexuality, and relationships with themselves and others. She works with individuals whose journey is to free themselves from emotional and sexual traumas, and helps them to reclaim their creative power, body, voice, sensuality and sexuality. 

Her passion is to create safe and sacred space for women and men to deeply explore many aspects of themselves, heal their inner child, embrace their shadows, connect with their higher self, and reconnect with their body's wisdom.

She helps people to create their lives as evolved sensual beings who align with their empowered feminine and masculine energy. By being in harmony with these energies, they manifest and attract what they truly desire in their lives: love, conscious partnerships, wealth, health, career, and life purpose.

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