Corporate Alliances with Wild Ginger Apothecary

Imagine sending your employees on an urban retreat that takes them away from the constant stimulation of their computers, smartphones, troubles, and other distractions – the things that make strategic thinking harder than it already is without external stimuli. Enter Wild Ginger Apothecary – an environment that welcomes you into the void – a community that has been carefully constructed to reduce the noise and stress thereby optimizing performance.

We want to partner with companies in the Sarasota area who understand the true value of their workforce, that less can be more, and creativity is fostered by deep thinking and reduced stimuli. Wild Ginger Apothecary offers wellness solutions that focus on overall well-being, that reduces diseases and improves all around lifestyles. Regular students are more productive, more focused, more innovative, more collaborative and more congenial. Partner with WGA today and get a huge return on investment by optimizing your workforce through health + wellness offerings.


Here Are Just Some Ideas to Get Started:

- Buy prepaid studio classes, mediation sessions, intuitive readings, or other services.
- Customized classes, education, training (on-site available)
- Private wellness sessions, evaluations, coaching, and more.


Customize a Program For Any Size Budget

1. No monthly fee. Allow us to provide information to employees and everyone gets a small discount.
2. Small monthly fee. Employee gets a deep discount, and company offsets the cost at a reduced rate and/or custom private wellness classes for your group.
3. Large monthly fee. Employees get limited free (paid by employer) classes
and/or custom private wellness classes for your group.

Book a  Private Corporate Retreat!

Contact us for details and customization. Average cost is $15-50 per person per hour.  

Have something else in mind, please contact us. We look forward to helping you and your employees on the path to wellness.