Tarot Tuesday with Ayla: April 23


Can you feel it? The energy today is creating a GIANT space for inner growth and awareness! Let's take a look at this week's cards.

Justice is a major arcana card, which right away tells us that this is a MAJOR theme we will be experiencing over the next week. Starting today we need to start taking accountability for our actions! This card is all about the choices we make and this week we might start to feel the pressure of past decisions, or future ones, starting to amplify. Focus your intention and let yourself move on from things you cannot change. Try not to judge the actions of others too harshly —we’re all going through major shifts right now!

Another big theme for this week comes to us in the form of The High Priestess reversed. Our divine guidance system might feel “out-of-order” this week as everyone is going to be interacting and reacting from an emotionally and spiritually vulnerable place! While turned on her head, she asks us to silence our minds and truly listen. Do your best not to partake in idle gossip and whispers —these are distractions from the messages trying to be presented. If obstacles and issues are popping up in your life right now, take a deep breath and ask yourself: what is this trying to teach me? Every struggle is a blessing in disguise.

Our final card is the Seven of Swords reversed. We all feel unworthy sometimes. Whether it be about material, emotional, or spiritual reality it can be hard to be real with ourselves in a loving way. Society has brainwashed us into extremes, not allowing room for mistake. This card is a reminder to not doubt yourself anymore and find that confidence, even if it’s only the beginning. The other message is focusing on inner deceit, is there something you are tricking yourself or others into believing? Don’t just think negative either!  You could be taking on too much, convincing yourself and others that you can get it done OR telling yourself that you CAN’T do it even though you CAN!

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